Handmade Wooden Baseball Bats

Hand Chiselled. Hand Sanded. Hand Crafted.

Our focus is attention to detail…and you can tell.

Every custom baseball bat we make is a one-off. We’re not a drive-thru, and we never make bats in anticipation of what you may need. Each and every baseball bat is crafted specifically for you…by hand, in Canada.

Every aspect of your new baseball bat is customizable, from the species of wood, all the way down to the finish. Robots and computers aren’t welcome in our shop. They may be precise, but they are no fun, and create impersonal bats. Your hands can tell the difference. Guaranteed. With a Snake Fighter Custom Bat you can see and feel the time and effort in every detail.

All the wood we use is Grade A, and specifically for baseball bat use. Moisture content, grain straightness, and weight are all accounted for. You don’t have to worry about the boring details, we have those covered already.

Our shop in London, Canada is currently accepting bat orders.

WARNING: We are not responsible for damage caused by baseballs after they leave the park.