Handmade Wooden Baseball Bats


Our products are completely customizable, and just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we can’t make it. View our Customization Guide for information, ideas, and help designing your bat. Here’s what we currently have around the shop:

Maple Baseball Bats

Maple offers a great durability and hardness over other woods. They have a very tight grain, and are less likley to flake, splinter or separate. They have less “flex” than ash. Our billets are all top quality, Grade A, and we get them from a top notch supplier.

Custom Maple Baseball Bats

Sample: Maple, 34", Sedona Red/Natural, tapered knob

Ash Baseball Bats

The original. Northern White Ash possesses qualities that make it a great baseball bat. It has a “flex” to it that many hitters like, and is a little more forgiving than Maple. As with their Maple counterparts, all our billets are Grade A, straight grained stock. Nothing you can’t do with a great Ash bat. Flame treating is available, ask for details.

Custom Ash Baseball Bat

Sample: Ash, 34", Flame Treated, "Classic" Finish


Carrying a baseball bat may make you badass, but so will sporting one of our shirts!
Watch the neighbours cower in fear at the site of your Snake Fighter Custom Bats t-shirt. We currently have shirts in many shades of black, classy for even the most dapper event.
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Gift Bats / Trophy Bats

We don’t cheap out and use B stock wood, even for trophy bats. You get the same great Grade A wood, and the same handcrafted quality. We don’t consider it overkill, because we would never let a inferior bat leave the shop, no matter it’s use. We only make game quality bats, even if it is “just for show”. In an emergency, have confidence that you will be able to hit homers with it.

Add personalized message or greeting to the bat, and celebrate any occasion. Weddings gifts, groomsman gifts, retirement gifts, or for that milestone birthday! We can even do custom logos or artwork for the barrel. Make them as wacky or classy as you’d like.